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Wed 4th Oct 2017 18:22

Gringo Diaries Part 2: Bolivia, from La Paz to Sucre


South America, Travel

Thu 28th Sep 2017 12:27

Gringo Diaries Part 1: Peru, from Lima to Puno

Gringo Diaries by Florence Buswell

South America

Sun 30th Jul 2017 17:40

An update, to tell you I’m leaving, which I’ll keep you updated on

Hello Tales of a City Girl readers – and a special shout out to whoever it is that keeps my visitor level at 3 per week according to Facebook, despite the fact it’s been 11 months since I posted.

About me

I'm Florence and I like to write.

When I'm not writing about pensions and mortgages in my day job, I write about my life in London, in which I cannot afford a mortgage even if I sold off a kidney, and I've still got another 40 years at least before I can access my pension.

I'd say I'm an ordinary girl looking for an extraordinary life, but clichéd phrases really annoy me.

Read my blog to find out more about my pet hates; and more on the places and things I love. And if you want to, please feel free to contact me with article ideas or feedback.