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Marathon challenge

Sun 6th Mar 2016 21:05

The pros and cons of running training

Sorry for the long delay on posts. Since my ankle sprain I have also been getting over a bug and consequently all my time and effort has had to go on feeling sorry for myself, sleeping in until 2pm and listlessly scrolling through the Daily Mail sidebar of shame. It’s been full on.

London Life, Marathon challenge, Pet hates

Mon 15th Feb 2016 22:21

Londoners: are we more awful than you think?

Yesterday I sprained my ankle. I was blissfully running along, about half a mile into a 13 mile training run when all of a sudden my headphones were brutishly ripped from my ears, my ankle turned inwards, I threw my phone outwards, and I fell downwards, scraping all the skin off my knees in the process.

Marathon challenge

Sun 17th Jan 2016 19:51

Running shoe shopping – how to do it right

Welcome to this new and exciting section of my website, you lucky people. I’ve always said I will run a marathon before I’m 30 and 30 is now becoming a real looming figure rather than a distant number, so I’m going for it. My Edinburgh marathon is now 19 weeks away (but who’s counting eh?) and you, yes you, get to join me on my training adventure as I get ready. First things first, to be a runner, you need proper shoes. So here goes…

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