Tales of a City Girl

An update, to tell you I’m leaving, which I’ll keep you updated on

Hello Tales of a City Girl readers – and a special shout out to whoever it is that keeps my visitor level at 3 per week according to Facebook, despite the fact it’s been 11 months since I posted.

I have really not been good at this blogging lark recently and for that I apologise. Whilst trying to build up my freelancing and contracting I’ve had to prioritise writing things in exchange for cold hard cash rather than the warmth of my bloggin’. Plus, I just don’t have the determination needed right now to monetise this thing.

Hey, I’ve just realised I’ve almost made my excuse a rap. Shit, maybe I should think about moving sideways in career ‘I realise I ain’t been prioritise to monetise. For that I apologise’ (true ghetto beats).

Anyway, I think it’s time I got back into it. Especially as I’m about to go travelling to South America giving me blog fodder galore (hurrah!) In the next two months I’ll be pounding through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, and you can read all about it in my new South America section.

To start things off here are some things I have learnt so far during my preparations –

1. I’m a lot less spontaneous than I thought, which is tiresome. Dan and I have whole colour-coded spreadsheets on exactly what’s happening when and how far bus stations are from hotels. Not quite how Che Guevara did it

2.South America is MASSIVE

3. Travelling prep is not cheap. Cotswold Outdoor, Boots medical aisles and the travel clinic have been boosted a pretty penny thanks to my particular brand of middle class concerns (what if my bag gets caught on the baggage carousel and breaks? What if a horse comes too close and bites me? What if I need to sterilise a vegetable? What if I get diarrohea, or hayfever, or yellow fever?)

4.Always check your bank cards can be used abroad and you have a card with you that won’t charge you. Just common sense this one.

5.Ditto with checking if your SIM works in another country. I got an International SIM from Ekit as mine won’t. We’ll see if it works.

6.H&M, although pretty shitty in some respects, do some pretty great cotton trousers for travelling in (the sort that look like pyjama bottoms and baffle my boyfriend)

Stay tuned and keep reading! I promise my updates will be even more interesting than what SIM to use.