Tales of a City Girl

City vs country- which is better?

Firstly, I must apologise for the long delay since my last post. A LOT has been going down, and I will share it with you before getting on to the main debate.

What happened to Tales of a City Girl?

1.I was hospitalised with gastroenteritis twice in three weeks. Having to throw my keys down to a paramedic crew because I can’t leave my bathroom or being horribly aware I am wearing just pyjamas with no bra while a nice ambulance man offers me gas and air as I snot-bubble cry are two separate events I wish to not repeat for a while

2.I have spent a lot of time at my physio’s office. Last time he has presented me with the beguiling choice of wearing an Airboot or getting cortisone injections as my ankle still hasn’t healed. I finally allowed vanity to win over fear (I’m not wearing an Airboot at Ascot, dahling) and had a rather uncomfortable ultrasound guided cortisone injection into my foot this week

3.We’ve bought a house and I love it and I hope I’m not jinxing it mentioning it. There are forms GALORE to fill in

4.I was in Paris with Annie, which was bloody great. I will write separately on this soon

5.Emily’s hen party/bridesmaid adminy stuff

6.A lot of stuff going down for me professionally, which is taking up a lot of thinking space. But like one of those people who write pitying Facebook statuses to attempt to get a reaction, I am going to choose not to share this on a personal blog


Cities vs the countryside – which wins?

Things to do

The countryside does pubs in a way that cities seem to just make naff when they try to emulate them.  There also tends to be more individuality and history to the cafes and restaurants and less chance of them being wiped out by the third Café Nero on the high street.
But, cities do have to take this one. Whatever your interests, you’re likely to find somewhere that caters for you. Plus, all the best stuff happens here. If I wanted to go see the biggest artists in music and theatre, I reckon I’d be waiting a long time to see them play at the Queens Hall Theatre in Cranbrook.

Cities – 1
Countryside – 0


Know how to drive? Got a car? No? Well then, good luck with countryside living, unless waiting half an hour on a graffitied bench in a bus stop for a squeaky country bus sounds attractive. Whenever I go home to visit my parents I have to ask them to pick me up like a wayward teenager – and I’m sure they’re not that keen on hanging around for me in a pub car park anymore either.

On the other hand, I have made no secret of how much I dislike the tube in London. Plus, with all the money I’ve spent on transport over the years of living here, I could probably be rocking a Mercedes at least by now.  So, this one is a tie.

Cities – 2
Countryside – 1


Space in cities is one of the most coveted commodities there is. I don’t know anybody who lives within Zone 3 with anything approaching a garden, although there’s plenty of jealousy expressed for those with even the smallest concrete strip of balcony.

This is where the countryside undoubtedly wins. Gardens are shamelessly flaunting themselves everywhere you look. Plus, with more space, I could more likely achieve one of my life goals of getting my own dog.

Cities – 2
Countryside – 2

Work and money

Jobs are more difficult to come by in the countryside. I certainly don’t think I could be in the field I am now if I stayed in Kent. I also get paid more. Although most of this is plummeted back into conveyancing fees and ASOS – money is a double-edged sword city-side, especially in London. But for me, at least for now, I’m going to be chasing that coveted city dollar. So, cities, you win.

Cities – 3
Countryside – 2

What do you think? Do you agree/disagree?