Tales of a City Girl

Tales of a City Girl resolutions

Every year I give myself New Year Resolutions and I’m usually fairly good at sticking to them. Not to toot my own horn, but last year I launched the blog, exercised 3-4 times a week (apart from a gap of a month or two in the summer, which unfortunately coincided with the only time I was in a bikini all year) and grew back one of my eyebrows from overplucking (such patience you know). I had a bunch of others, but those were the main ones. This year, I’m going to start on Monday. Partially because I spent this New Years Day in bed until 1.30 and then went to the pub for a cheeseburger and chips.

1. Train for the Edinburgh Marathon and do it in a reasonable time

Not just exercise this year – less booze and more greens too. Not become exercise bore though.

2.Give up fags

I was doing quite well (on and off) for 2015. 2016 will be the year I kick it.

3.Take blog step further

I don’t quite know how yet. Maybe learning how to use Twitter a bit better (not that my 60 followers aren’t groundbreaking). Or go to more blogging events.  Or enter/run some competitions. As part of this, I also want to really decide what it is I want from my career and go for it a bit more.

4.Be a bit smarter with my money

Be better with our grocery shopping and bulk-buy more.  Say no to more social occasions and host at home instead of keeping Be at One afloat. Avoid getting caught into cycle of putting things on my credit card, then paying it off every month.

5.Get over my fear of opening prosecco and champagne bottles

It freaks me out. I always worry I’m going to take out an eye or a window. But you know, new year is all about facing your fears.

So if you see me with a cigarette on, or don’t hear from the blog for a while, feel free to give me a slap on the wrist. Or make me open your prosecco bottles.