Tales of a City Girl

Good things about your late twenties

Getting older gets a bad rap.  Your hangovers are dire, you’re probably not going to get away with not turning up for work in the same way as not turning up for seminars, and you’re legitimately old enough to marry/have a baby and will be expected to have opinions on both. But it is not all bad. At the ripe old age of 28 and a half (remember when the half used to be important to add? Ah, youth) here are some of the good things about nudging 30.

1. You (generally) have more money

Yes, your money has to go on annoying things like rent and energy bills. But there’s also something great about being able to support yourself with these things – after all, your rent grants you your independence, and you can start caring about shit like how your flat looks. No longer is it a competition to see who can hold off on taking out the bins the longest – now you get odd satisfaction from cushion covers that go with your sofa, or bringing home a vase from abroad that reminds you of your holiday, and choosing where you put it. You can also occasionally treat yourself to a steak or a nice haircut without feeling too ill about it or having to save up six months’ worth of your Saturday job takings.

2.You know what you’re doing (a bit more…)

The older you get, the more conviction you have in your opinions, because you’ve made mistakes before – or at the least, you are less afraid of the consequences of mistakes. I am much more comfortable holding my own at work than I would’ve been when I was younger.

3.You are more comfortable in being you

I’m more comfortable in knowing my worth, and am also more comfortable in the fact not everyone is going to like me. When I was younger I was far more prone to doing things to try and make people like me. Seriously, my backbone must’ve gone for a hike with some of the things I let people (especially boys) get away with. Knowing when someone is toxic and knowing you don’t have space for them in your life is one of the great things about age and experience and I’m sure that’s a lesson I’m going to continue to learn. Your circle gets smaller when you work out who you want to spend your time with but it also frees you up for the important things. Like napping.

4. You can blame your age for your lack of social life/skills

I honestly don’t give a shit about staying up until 3am. If I’m tired because I’m old and overworked, I’m going to leave at 10pm so I can grab something to eat from Tesco Express and be in bed by 11pm.  Ditto if I fancy spending my Friday night alone and the prospect is kind of exciting. It’s my age and I’ve got to rest my knees.

5. You know what works for you

Never again will I try blond streaks.