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Why it’s the most wonderful time of the year

As a bit of a change from my usual Grinch-like pet hate posting here are some reasons why the week of Christmas is brilliant.


Let’s not pretend that presents are not one of the best bits. The agonising over delivery times and whether someone is going to like a gift or not is forgotten when you give it over and see their wee face light up. Even if they are gritting their teeth through the unwrapping. You can ignore that.

And presents for yourself. Presents for yourself are always great. Surprises are great. But also sending web links to the things you like are great.

2.Christmas trees

They cost a bomb for something you’ll have in your house for less than a month but there’s something so lovely about having a beautiful decorated tree, especially coming home to one that’s all lit up. My parents used to keep the lights on ours for when myself or my brother came home late. Great for when you stumble home drunk and eat the tree chocolates while drunk.  I also love watching them in the windows of other peoples’ houses like a little creeper.

3.Not having to do anything

Not just not having to work but I love having the excuse of not having to socialise either. At this stage I’m generally burnt out with a bank account to match. I want to be able to wear my onesie on the sofa and go for little naps because I’m too full and for no-one to tell me I shouldn’t, or I should come out. Christmas is your excuse to be a hermit and for a few days a year I’m going to damn well take up that opportunity. It’s also the one time of the year my little family unit come together to piss each other off by arguing over the TV schedule and whose turn it is to lay the table. Magical.


It’s almost a rite of passage that you have to put on weight over Christmas. I love all the food and I will eat all the food. Not just the meals but also the snacks. There’s a lot of food that only turns up at Christmas so take advantage. Dates, Quality Street, mince pies, those cute little oranges – when else do you eat those things?

Happy Christmas everyone!

  • Image attribution: It’s my tree!!!