Tales of a City Girl

Tales of a City Girl Christmas wishlist

It’s getting to that time of year when I start to feel all prickly that I haven’t managed to tie down what I want to get anybody for Christmas. It would be so much easier if you could just give yourself the money you’d spend on presents and then everyone could watch you unwrap them on Christmas Day. True, the magic would be somewhat lost, but imagine never having to see the crestfallen expression on a loved one’s face as you realise your ‘quirky’ gift was in fact just mis-judged.   But I am here to help your Christmas inspo with my dream Christmas list. Kind of. In no real helpful way at all.

Disclaimer:  Some may be more plausible than others.
Further disclaimer: OK. Most of them are pretty implausible. Especially the one about working out what size you are in Zara.

1. A bag from & Other Stories. Shoes from & Other Stories. Knitwear from & Other Stories. Shares in & Other Stories

2. Jewellery from Alexander Monroe. Start with the bee necklace and work your way through

3. Mulberry Bayswater handbag

4. A puppy and someone to look after the puppy while I am at work. Oh, and a place big enough to have a puppy in

5. Benefit make-up kits

6. More Instagram/Twitter followers (no bots or annoying people though)

7. A boat/catamaran

8. Someone to serve a whisky sour/Aperol Spritz (time of year would be key here) every time I get in from a hard day

9. A working hangover cure for the over 25s (potentially connected to Number 8)

10. A lifetime supply of Shellac manicures from London Grace

11. A three month sabbatical in South America

12 A week off every month to explore a country I haven’t yet. Probably should make that two weeks actually

13. Guaranteed tickets to the next Gingerline experience

14. The entire Rosie for Marks and Spencers underwear collection

15. A never-ending bank account/deposit for my ideal home (at the moment these feel like they are much the same thing)

16. Oliver Bonas furniture, particularly armchairs

17. A chauffeur for when I need things like the Christmas tree delivered without a £30 delivery charge, or someone to drive me to the beach when I feel sulky and want to see the sea

18. The ability to dance. I would like to be taught by Tricia Miranda ideally

19. Zara clothes. The ability to know what size I am in Zara would also be helpful

20. Abs without any effort/carb-restricting shit to get abs

21. A rose garden. Any kind of garden that isn’t a three inch slab of balcony

22. The magic ability to know what everyone else would like for Christmas