Tales of a City Girl

Three reasons why sleep is the best

How often have you asked yourself whether you’d rather just be asleep? From work to bars, there has rarely been an area of my life where I haven’t thought to myself that I would. That I’d rather be in bed and that it is only society that is stopping me fulfilling my desire for entire hibernation. I mean I reckon if I was allowed to work for half the hours of the day  I have to I’d have twice the capacity. If nights out finished at 10pm I wouldn’t have to pretend shuffling and swaying like a sleep-impoverished zombie is a dance move and I drink espresso martinis for their taste. You get the hint. I LOVE SLEEP. So, on a night where I would love to be asleep by 7 but life got in the way, here’s three reasons why sleep just is the bomb.

1. Dreams

How good are dreams? You could be anything in a dream that you wouldn’t be normally. I have been rich as sin in dreams, had dragons, basically ruled the world.  And when dreams go wrong, like when I dreamt I’d invited Chris Brown to a party by mistake and he told everyone he was my boyfriend, you can just wake up and chuckle to yourself and feel in a good mood that your trippy dream isn’t for real. Win-win.

2. Being well-rested puts you in a better mood

Having a good night’s sleep can be the difference between crying at adverts and the fact you posted something on Facebook that didn’t get any likes, and letting someone cut in the queue at the bar in front of you just because you’re feeling chilled and you’re in no hurry. It’s magic.

3. It’s healthy but not prohibitive

Think of all the things that make up a healthy lifestyle. Fruit, vegetables, exercise, no boozing, no cigarettes, no cake – it’s enough to make you want to fall asleep, right? Well, good news you can – you’re doing yourself lots of favours by sleeping. Plus, less time to put those beers and burgers in your mouth, fatty.