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26 places to drink this weekend

Stuck for somewhere to go this weekend? Looking for somewhere new? Here is a list of 26 places you could go in London this weekend, and a handy key to help decipher which you’re in the mood for. Aren’t I good to you. Oh, and two to avoid too.

Key –

Classy – Class
Relaxed – R
Date night – Date
Dancing – Dance
Cheapo cocktails – CC
Fun with friends – FF

Some watering hole favourites

1. Dado 54, Farringdon Street, Holborn Viaduct –CC
2. Tooting Tram, Tooting Broadway – Dance, FF
3. The Roxy, Rathbone Place, near Tottenham Court Road – Dance, FF
4. Simmons Bar, Fitzrovia – CC, R
5. Shaker & Company, near Warren Street –CC, FF
6. The Cut, Waterloo – Date, R
7. Vinopolis, London Bridge – Date, Classy
8. Wine Wharf, Borough – Date, Relaxed
9. Katzenjammers, London Bridge – FF, R
10. The Castle, Tooting – FF, R
11. Mews of Mayfair – FF, Classy
12. Powder Keg Diplomacy, Clapham Junction – R, Date
13. Market House, Brixton – FF, Dance
14. Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch – FF, CC
15. The Island Queen, Islington – R
16. Central & Co, Great Marlborough Street – R, Date
17. Edinbro Castle, Regents Park – R, FF
18. Vagabond Wines, Fulham – Class, Date, FF
19. Elk Bar, Fulham – FF, Dance
20. The London Cocktail Club, Goodge Street –Date, Classy
21. Dion, St Pauls – FF, Classy
22. The Prince Regent, Marylebone High Street – R
23. Jamie’s Wine Bar, all over – FF
24. Grape Shots, Artillery Lane – R
25. Be At One, all over – FF, CC
26. Crate Brewery, Hackney – FF

And two to avoid

1. Anywhere in Bank – Look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself ‘am I a genuinely dreadful person and proud?’ If the answer is no, then don’t go out in Bank. I say this as someone who used to go out in Bank on a Friday. What a misspent period of time that was.

2. Infernos, Clapham and its ilk – For people that never grew out of their university rugby team rituals.

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