Tales of a City Girl

Three annoying things about winter

Because I haven’t done a pet hates post in a while. Because it took me half an hour longer than it should to get home. Because it’s a Monday.

1. Christmas before you’re ready

Today I cried at the Sainsbury’s advert. I cried real human tears at an advert of a cat who seems to, for all intents and purposes, mess up a family Christmas and the community comes together or something like that, and it’s meant to make us think, in some roundabout way, of buying our Christmas food at Sainsbury’s. Somehow. I cry at plenty of things, but the fact this is my emotional starting point annoys me. The cat is a cartoon, for Christ’s sake.

It’s also around about this time that central London becomes even more hellish. Just avoid Oxford Circus all together until New Year unless you have nerves of steel and/or don’t mind walking at the pace of a wounded tortoise. Please, the lights aren’t even that great anymore. They haven’t been for years.

2. The weather and its effects

If you know something is happening every year, you can’t get too surprised. Someone will get drunk at the office Christmas party. Someone you know will know someone who knows someone who is on this year’s Apprentice. You will lose an umbrella on a tube. But somehow, Britain’s biggest inevitability, its rubbishy winter weather, will come as a shock to London. And no-where will this be more apparent than the transport. If I don’t stop moving because a leaf is in my path, I would like my train to do the same.

Plus, why do the tannoys always talk about the ‘inclement weather conditions’? Inclement weather conditions has to be the most cumbersome possible way of saying bad weather there is. I feel sorry for any foreign tourists who aren’t fluent in English looking to work out that one.

3. It’s so dark

Sometimes this is nice, if it’s blowing a gale outside and you’re tucked inside in the warm with some red wine.  Even better if there’s a fire somewhere (in a grate, not spreading through house). If you have a fireplace in your home, I am very jealous, and you should treasure it.

But, the flip side of this, is that often from now, for the next six months, you will be going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. The only light you will see will be marred by a sheet of rain. By the time you’ve decided what to do on the weekend and got yourself out of the flat, dusk will be drawing in.

I miss leaving work and having at least three hours of light left, to go for a run, or for dinner, or drink in a park. I also miss having our curtains open all evening to let real light in.

And two great things

1. TV

So many good trashy shows on right now. Trashy shows are my night in bread and butter. Made in Chelsea, Scream Queens, Catastrophe, Peep Show, Drifters, First Dates – I’m drinking wine with Channel 4 more often at the moment than I’m drinking it with my mates.

2. Winter fashions

Tuck the winter belly under an & Other Stories jumper, drape a scarf over your dry winter skin, and cover it all up with a long winter coat. Your legs could be the equivalent of another pair of hairy winter leggings and no-one would be any of the wiser. I’m making myself sound a little feral here, but hey, winter fashions y’all.