Tales of a City Girl

Gourmet Cinema Club, Sanctum Soho

Gourmet Cinema Club brings a classic film to you with a difference.  No longer will you be sharing your cinema experience with other cinemagoers loudly crunching nachos while you simultaneously try to ignore the beacon-like glow of people’s iPhones in the dark.  With Christmas just round the corner, should you be putting the Gourmet Cinema club on your list to Santa?

The film is in the Sanctum Soho, a beautiful boutique hotel near Carnaby Street, in their basement cinema. Instead of your usual scratchy cinema seats, this cinema has plush leather 2 seater sofas (have I gone into DFS description mode here?) and blankets to snuggle up under. The cinema only seats six of these sofas so the atmosphere is a lot more intimate and cosy (possibly to the point that I question what people have got up to under those blankets, but best not to think about that).

We hurried in about 5-10 minutes late so most people were already there, but we took our seats and found our edible tickets in the envelope we were given at the hotel reception. These tickets weren’t the tastiest to be honest (it’s hard to make rice paper tantalising) but I liked the touch.

The experience came with a glass of champagne and some snack-y bits before the movie. There was a slice of pizza, a Rocky Road cake and some popcorn in paper cone bags.  The food was tasty and great to nibble on, but don’t go thinking you won’t need dinner after it. It will whet your appetite, but won’t kill it.

The service kind of went from 0 to 100, to the point where I was wolfing down the last of my pizza crust while my plate was whisked away and popcorn was thrust on me (in a manner of speaking).  That did mean though, that by the time the opening credits started, we had our hands overflowing with popcorn and champagne which is always a good way to start a Saturday night.

The film was great (we saw Back to the Future II), and kicking back on a sofa with a glass of champagne to watch it made it even better. Overall, this was a great fusion of a private film experience with a touch of glamour and quirkiness.

We got our tickets as a gift (well it was Dan’s 30th gift but I got to tag along) but you can get your ticket on Virgin Experience Days