Tales of a City Girl

Five of my favourite things I’ve done in London

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I lost my writers’ mojo a bit, and began to get disillusioned with thoughts like how Gwyneth Paltrow can write a seven step guide to yawning on Goop and still get more hits on that one post than I have since launch.  But fortunately for my millions of readers who didn’t know where to turn, I am BACK with five of my favourite things I’ve done in London and why I’ve enjoyed them. The mojo may have died but the love of alliteration in titles never will.

5. Ravercise

Yes, an exercise class. But an exercise class that had the mid-week pick me up properties of a night on the wine without the pesky hangover at work afterwards. I loved thrashing out a dance/aerobics routine with my friends in a shitty club while a DJ played the music.  I’m always going to be sad that they stopped the classes, and wonder whether I’ll ever find a group exercise class I can tolerate again.

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4. Afternoon tea at the Savoy

Myself, my Mum and my brother took my grandmother here for her 90th birthday.  The sandwiches and cakes were so well presented and delicious and the ambience was beautiful. Everywhere was so intricately and elegantly decorated, and in the middle of the dining room was a glass dome with a pianist inside like an enormous gilded bird cage. Good enough to make me remember it even though it was three years ago – my grandmother is now an increasingly wiry and wily 93 year old.

3. Gingerline

Gingerline takes immersive dining and pushes it one step further. You don’t have to go far to get dining experiences in London, companies are tripping over each other to try to prove they are the  most unique – and some of them aren’t worth the money you’d end up spending on them. But Gingerline bundles together brilliant food with excellent themes and very talented actors for comparatively little (around £40 a ticket). I’m not allowed to say much because they make you promise you won’t, but a lot of it is quite unexpected and different – there aren’t many places you’d be foraging around for cocktails in a ball pit.

2. Sipsmith Gin Distillery Tour

Sipsmith distillery tour is the perfect alternative to the more commonplace wine tasting, for those who want a booze tasting with a bit of edge.  You learn how to taste and appreciate gin but it feels less student-teacher, and more like you’re sharing someone’s passion for booze, which makes it more fun. Plus, Sipsmith alcohol is good. It’s very, very good.

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1. Secret Cinema

Cinema with a twist, at its best. The idea of getting under the skin of a film and getting other people caught up in that cinematic magic is such a clever one and although it’s not cheap, you get your money’s worth. I went to the Back to the Future one as a birthday gift, which meant I am actually listened to when I chirrup wistfully about all the things I want to do in London (at least I was back then), and that made it even nicer. The sets and scenes are very detail-orientated. The actors do not waver from their roles and draw you into the story with them.  I indulged in some of my favourite things – burgers, ferris wheels and watching fancy-pants dancers – and there was a real push beyond expectation.