Tales of a City Girl

Afternoon tea with a view at Vertigo 42

Afternoon tea is one of those quintessentially English treats, and Vertigo 42 offers you the opportunity to combine this with a great view too.

The entrance might look like you’ve got an appointment with your bank manager, but go up a few ear-popping floors and the view doesn’t disappoint.  Looking at London from above shows off its sheer scale and its intricacies. It’s endlessly fascinating looking at all the buildings you are so familiar with from up above.

Vertigo 42 being in the City also meant you could look down at the suited City types and feel pretty smug  supping your champers above them. I haven’t felt smug compared to someone in the City since I saw someone vomit outside Abacus.

The afternoon tea was great with the glass of champagne giving it that special touch. The menu was general afternoon tea fare with a range of sandwiches and cakes. The most memorable part was definitely the little tarts with passion fruit, and chocolate.

Vertigo 42 is a great choice if you are looking for afternoon tea brought up to the moment, for modern, champagne swilling City of London appreciators.  If  you’re looking for a traditional tea, Vertigo 42 is not going to give you this  (try the Savoy and thank me later), but it definitely has its own charm.

Vertigo 42 afternoon tea for 2 with champagne(we got a deal for £32)

Image attribution: Vertigo 42 website