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Why I’m raving about Ravercise

What stops you from exercising more? Is it the monotonous dedication you need in order to pull yourself to the gym and work out with the other drones? The sinking feeling you get when you are considering a run and it looks like a wet sponge outside? Is it feeling like you either have to compromise on exercising on your lonesome or having to be super competitive team-player style? Well, Ravercise could be the solution to all three of those.

Run upstairs in bars either in Shoreditch or Brixton, the class is 1 hour of intense hard-hitting dance cardio set to rave music.

Not the ‘doof doof’ rave music more generally accompanied with LSD and a glowstick (yeah, I’ve never actually been to a rave) but more upbeat, genuinely cool sounding music that makes you want to move even before the context of a dance class, with some dance remixes of chart music too.

With a DJ at the front and a 10 minute ‘skank out’ (aka just dance however you would like) at the end this feels like the perfect amalgamation of exercise class and just letting your hair down and having some fun.

If the MC comes along too, you’re in for a treat. I’ve never seen someone drop beats down for a group of skanking out exercise bunnies in an upstairs bar at 8.00pm and I doubt I ever will again.

The instructor runs you through the choreography of each song before you do it, but mostly it comes from picking it up while doing it. A lot of the sequences are repeated in each track so it gets more familiar as time goes on.

Think lots of squats; split lunges; core twists; high knees with plenty of dance moves woven in – this stuff is impactful.

Don’t go unless you have two working knees, you will leave feeling like Mother Hubbard. I’ve become a bit of an exercise fiend this year and trust me, forget your circuits, this is the class that’s going to make you work.

But if you’re not a great dancer and possess the co-ordination of a wayward chimp; there’s no need to fear. Like a proper dance floor, lights are dim, and you really don’t see others.

You’re too busy focusing on getting the next dance move right to give a shit how you or others look. This is no well lit, judging exercise studio.

If you’re looking for something new, book your place now. Book ahead and you’re looking at £8.00 for the hour class. Less than a round in the bar, my friend.

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