Tales of a City Girl

Fredricks Hotel with a touch of Fawlty Towers

Maidenhead may not be the first place you think of when you’re thinking of a few days away with your live-in lover.  But a quick peruse of good old Groupon unearthed a deal at Fredricks Hotel and Spa, so on a spontaneous week off we went for it.

Fredricks is a well put together place, and there has obviously been thought in the smaller touches.

The latest copy of Elle in the hotel room for example, and a beautiful structured garden with modern sculptures. The hotel room was one of the biggest I’ve seen. There was a big emphasis on the enormous from the massive plush bed, to the bath big enough for two, and wardrobe space which would rival your average London flat.

The deal also included spa access, which included a beautiful  heated pool, a steam room, sauna and beds to chill out in your robe and slippers in.

The atmosphere was intimate and relaxed, and was a great place to be as a couple. It was one of those crisp, bright Spring days and mucking around in the heated pool with no-one else trying to stride out some lengths was lovely.

If you came as a family you would probably be disappointed though – because you can’t actually use this area. Oh.

The food was good also, without being jaw-dropping. We had an afternoon tea, which was very good, with warm, floury scones, and a six course tasting menu with a bottle of Prosecco.

The courses were elegant and tasty. It suited the kind of break we were after, from the piquant amuse bouche tomato soup, to a nicely done bit of duck. But if I’d booked it as a particularly special meal I would’ve been slightly disappointed, especially as I checked out the menu and it was £99 each with wine.

Fredricks is definitely a funny kind of place. The deal was great, but it definitely has a tinge of Fawlty Towers about it, complete with Manuel butler types.

The first night I went for a tomato and mozzarella salad, and the guy brought over a plate of lettuce. The next morning at breakfast instead of brown sauce we were brought butter.

We also asked for food down at the only to be told food wasn’t being served there – while she made a fruit salad in front of my very eyes.  The waiting staff also started setting up for breakfast around us, while loudly discussing with the catering manager, before we’d finished our dinner.  It was definitely more funny than annoying, but still a bit strange.

Overall I would definitely recommend the deal and Fredricks has some great points to recommend it – but I may baulk at paying full price without knowing what I was going to get.

Fredricks Hotel and Spa deal, 2 nights for 2, including breakfast, spa access, six course tasting menu, bottle of wine/Prosecco and afternoon tea = £289 (OK, OK, it was a pretty bloody good deal)