Tales of a City Girl

Bogan Bingo, Shitty Disco

Bogan Bingo, Shitty Disco certainly does what it says on the tin. And that tin is full of cheap cider.

These days I am a sedate drinker. A Prosecco sipper. But Bogan Bingo, Shitty Disco is not a place for Prosecco.It is a place for beer, for sambuca shots, for bopping around on a sticky, light-up dancefloor while Bonnie Tyler and Bon Jovi videos play on a big screen.

As if that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve been sniffing too much hairspray, in front of the screen is a stage in which your comperes for the night, two Australian dudes in short shorts, neon vests and 80s wigs dance to the music with two blonde twin cheerleaders.

Bogan Bingo, Shitty Disco is run in Clapham Grand, a refurbished Victorian music hall with theatre boxes around the side. When we arrived we had a box to watch Bogan Bingo in.

Unfortunately we were too late to actually join in the Bingo section, but we had enough to get a flavour.  It was interesting! Definitely something that, if you’re going to go, go with a belly full of booze and your tongue firmly in your cheek. There was strange dancing. There was aggressive flirting. There were weird chants.

Then at the end of the Bingo section, the tables are cleared away and the dance floor lights up and everyone just kind of, piles on.  There was a lot of dancing and a lot of drinking. It had the feel of mad hen do really. I half expected to see someone with a penis hat float by in the sea of loud jumpers.

The music was the kind of stuff you look at your friends and scream the words at each other in a buoyant ‘I KNOW THIS ONE! OH MY GOD, I KNOW IT, ALTOGETHER NOW’. It was a lot of fun, and if you’re prepared to get caught up in it, it is a fun, frenetic evening. Maybe not one I’d go to every weekend though. Just to give my liver a chance, you know.

Bogan Bingo, Shitty Disco is on.. actually I can’t work out when it’s on. Seems random. Tickets are £10 each.

Image attribution: Englandevents.co.uk